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Private Pool & Sea View Villas | Sinae Phuket

Our story begins with one simple yet meaningful word – Charm.

They say all roads lead to the same destination; ours will transport you to an oasis where the sky and sea converge, and the sun rises with an alluring golden path, leading you to a new day filled with magic and joy.

Deeply rooted in Thai tradition and local culture, Sinae Phuket is perfectly positioned on the secluded shores of Siray Bay and hidden by the enchanted jungle of Ratsada, Phuket.

Sinae Phuket was inspired by those who have an insatiable wanderlust and seek Thailand's beauty through an intimate, elegant, and local experience. Our community, much like that of a fishing village, is tightly knit with rich heritage and authenticity. Woven together with cyan sea views, clear skies, and vermilion foliage, Sinae will catch the hearts of all who experience its charm.

Sinae was a beautiful idea that has manifested itself into our physical world allowing a lucky few to escape the busyness of reality and step into a tropical village of a dream-like paradise.

Sinae welcomes you to a timeless moment of Luxury living.



The best luxury resorts in Thailand, will welcome you to a world of elegance, delight, and pure relaxation. A luxury hotel in Thailand will offer the perfect escape, nestled between nature and the ocean. You will have an effortless relaxation in one of our pool villas with direct pool access, perfect for a romantic getaway or honeymoon in Phuket.

Immerse yourself in a luxury resort in Phuket, which is steeped in history and authenticity. Be captivated by all who visit with its breathtaking sea views, orange skies, and vibrant greeneries, providing you the best villa in Phuket experience. Enter a fantastical world where luxury has no bounds. A duplex pool villa exudes unrivaled elegance, with private pool villas and beautiful sea views. Admire the beautiful Andaman Sea vistas, which set the tone for an unforgettable romance getaway or private escape.

Indulge in the flavors of a Thai restaurant in Phuket, providing genuine Southern Thai cuisine that is different from other regions in Thailand. Enjoy a gourmet excursion with professional chefs who will make incredible dishes using the freshest local ingredients. The best villa in Phuket will provide creative cuisines from their own restaurant, providing unique gastronomical pleasures.

Escape reality and immerse yourself in the tropical village where the best villas in Phuket, combine tradition, culture and modernity to provide a calm refuge for renewal, surrounded by tropical greenery, breathtaking vistas and cutting-edge interior design. A luxury hotel villa in Phuket will also offer a tranquil service for the body and mind that treats you to a therapeutic massage that rejuvenates your soul. A Phuket resort with pool access that doubles as a duplex pool villa is everything you’ll need for a serene and tranquil getaway.

The best resorts in Thailand, will let you discover a world of luxury and authenticity. A lifetime of memories will be created as the best villas in Phuket with unrivaled amenities, state-of-the-art facilities and interior will give you an overall amazing experience.

Book your stay today and enjoy a unique experience unlike any other. You’ll wake up to a serenity embraced by nature and be greeted by the sea that has a number of private pool villas.


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