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SAI Bistro & Bar
SAI Bistro & Bar
SAI Bistro & Bar
SAI Bistro & Bar
SAI Bistro & Bar
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SAI Bistro & Bar

Open time: 06.30 am. - 10:00 pm.

Sai Bistro & Bar

Welcome aboard Sai Bistro & Bar

Forged by hand, from with wood, brick, and marble by hand, blessed by the spirit of the seas and bestowing good luck to all who experience its charm.

The design of the restaurant is inspired by the famous longtail boats – The gondolas of Southern Thailand -used by locals for hundreds of years to travel and fish in the lively Andaman Sea. The immaculate detail of Thai décor, high ceilings, and sleek wooden finishes are accentuated through an abundance of space and light, following the theme of a fisherman's village.

Refresh with a handcrafted cocktail made by our mixologist as the pristine views of the Andaman sea envelops you. Unwind and relax in the comfort of pure excellence in fine dining, culinary art, and hospitality,

The Sai Bistro & bar is the embodiment of Southern Thai cuisine.

All Our ingredients are sourced by our talented chefs from the finest local food markets of Phuket. Enjoy an abundance of offerings, from succulent fresh fish paired with aromatic herbs and spices, colorful vegetables, and the exquisite rich flavors of Thai culture and tradition.

The Sai bar brings an extra mix to the setting with an expansive sun-drenched indoor terrace, perfect for those looking for quality service and a panoramic sea view. A long list of premium beverages that include an assortment of fine wine is perfectly paired with the bar’s exclusive menu of specially selected grilled meats and fish dishes.

The flavor of each dish is developed and deepened with the application of heat from the grill, while seasoning and marinating accentuate the flavor profiles of every bite you experience when eating.

Whether it's an intimate dinner with loved ones, a special celebration, or an excuse to sit with the ocean in peace, we aim to create a unique and timeless experience for you.

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