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The Best Dining Spots in Phuket
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Phuket's Best Dining Spots

Thailand's most well-known island, Phuket, is renowned for its breathtaking beaches, exciting nightlife, and mouthwatering cuisine. Phuket offers a variety of locations for a special evening with your loved ones. Phuket offers a wide variety of dining options, from fine dining establishments to street food vendors. However, Sai Bistro & Bar in Sinae Phuket stands out for a number of reasons.

The Best Dining Spots in Phuket

The Beautiful Interior Design
Let’s talk about the design of the restaurant. The unique interior is blessed by the sea, hand-forged from marble, brick, and wood. The design of the restaurant is inspired by the famous longtail boats – The gondolas of Southern Thailand - used by locals for hundreds of years to travel and fish in the lively Andaman Sea. The immaculate detail of Thai décor, high ceilings, and sleek wooden finishes are accentuated through an abundance of space and light, following the theme of a fisherman's village. As you take in the breathtaking views of the Andaman Sea, refresh yourself with a bespoke cocktail crafted by our mixologist. Relax and unwind while experiencing the very finest in fine cuisine, culinary art, and hospitality.

Southern Thai Food
Sai Bistro & Bar cuisine is an embodiment of Southern Thai food, which is known for its bold, spicy flavors and unique dishes that reflect the region's cultural influences. There is another word for that, ‘Peranakan’. Phuket Peranakan food is a unique combination of Chinese, Thai, and Malay culinary traditions. It is also known as Phuket Baba-Nyonya cuisine or Phuket Straits Chinese cuisine. It arose through the intermarrying of Chinese immigrants with Phuket's local Thai and Malay communities, resulting in a distinct culinary legacy that displays a harmonious balance of flavors, techniques, and ingredients. Talented chefs purchase all of their ingredients from Phuket's top local food markets. The cuisine features a diverse selection of dishes with robust flavors, brilliant colors, and a harmonious mix of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy components. 

The Best Dining Spots in Phuket
The Best Dining Spots in Phuket

Exclusive Bar Menu
With a sizable inside patio bathed in sunlight and offering a panoramic view of the sea, the Sai bar adds a unique element to the scene. The bar's exclusive menu of carefully chosen grilled meats and seafood dishes is perfectly coupled with a comprehensive list of premium beverages, including a variety of good wines. Whether it's an intimate supper with loved ones, a memorable event, or an excuse to relax with the ocean in peace, Sai Bar offers an exceptional experience.

In-Room Dining
Once you’re cozy indoors, you can get meals delivered to you with Sinae Phuket’s in-room dining service. Relax and experience the greatest in luxurious living without having to leave your room. Whether you are lounging about in your infinity pool or perhaps unwinding from a day filled with joyous activities. Available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this service features an extensive selection of the hotel's cuisine and beverage options, including a floating breakfast. Expect the same impeccable service style, with meals freshly prepared and delivered to your door. Call in and have a savory Thai dinner in the splendor of your private studio or villa, enhancing our dining experience while you catch the panoramic ocean view and the Vanila sky while sipping cocktails, draft beers, and a selection of alcoholic beverages.

The Best Dining Spots in Phuket

Exploring the delicacies of Phuket will present you with a one-of-a-kind and spicy gastronomic experience. Dining in Phuket at Sinae Phuket exhibits the rich cultural diversity and culinary ingenuity as well as a deeper appreciation of Phuket's heritage. 

Come dine at Sai Bistro and Bar and enjoy a cultural explosion in your mouth. Check out the exclusive menu below. 

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