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Your ultimate guide to celebrating Songkran in Phuket in 2024
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Celebrating Songkran in Phuket, Thailand, 2024

Songkran, Thailand's famous New Year festival, is set to make a splash on April 13th, 2024. Though it's officially a one-day event, the festivities will extend until April 15th; Songkran holds a special place in the Thai people's hearts and resonates deeply across nearby Southeast Asian countries Cambodia and Laos, heralding the dawn of the New Year. Songkhran is more than a festival. Songkran is a three-day festival. It begins with ‘Maha Songkran’ for cleaning and preparation and ends with ‘Wan Payawan’ to welcome the New Year.

The festivities are a vibrant tapestry of merit-making, spirited water fights, and reflective temple visits. Each part of Thailand adds its unique colour to the celebration. The country comes together to welcome the sun's transition into Aries, marking a time of new beginnings and renewal.

Phuket Songkran 2024 is about to eclipse last year's celebration entirely! Organisers expect more than a million people to attend the festival, compared to half a million in 2023.

Phuket songkhran 2024

History of Songkran festival 

Thailand celebrates the festival of Songkran, which symbolises transformation and renewal. The festival has its roots in an ancient legend. The legend says that the sage Kapila Brahma lost a wager to a child named Thammabal, and Thammabal decapitated him. As a result of this event, one of his offspring and angels annually led a celestial procession to mark the sun's entry into Aries, known as Maha Songkran. This procession, different from other zodiac transitions, became essential to the lunisolar calendar.

The cultural impact of Songkran in Phuket 

As Songkhran rolls around in Phuket for 2024, it's like deep diving into the traditions. It is fascinating. Songkran isn't just about splashing water; it's when the entire community gets a chance to reconnect with their roots and clean houses. Yes, but it's more about cleansing the spirits and preparing for a fresh start. And the temples all over Phuket — are the heart of it all. People of all ages come together, offering food to monks, praying, and just being in each other's presence. It's this incredible moment to feel the past and present merging. 

Events scheduled in Phuket for Songkhran 2024

In Phuket, the Songkran festival lasts three days and has something for all ages. Below is a comprehensive breakdown of the 2024 Phuket Songkran event : 

13 April 2024 - Water fight Kickoff - Patong Beach 

The festivities kick off with a splash at Patong Beach, where the energy is electric, and the vibe is unmatched. Imagine the beach and Bangla Road crowded with music, laughter, and people of all ages holding water guns. They are all ready to soak you in the fun of Songkran. The scene is lively and vibrant, with everyone participating in the water festival. You can feel the excitement as people splash water on each other, spreading joy and happiness. It is a festive atmosphere where people come together to celebrate and enjoy the traditions of Songkran.

A Word of Advice: While Patong Beach is the epicentre of fun, with its lively crowd and endless water fights, it's only for some. The area may become crowded with traffic jams, which overwhelm some people.


Patong songkhran 2024

14 April 2024 - Cultural Parades & Food festivals - Phuket old town 

Day two shifts gears to a more cultural vibe in Phuket Old Town. Here, you'll experience stunning parades that showcase the rich heritage of Thailand, complete with traditional costumes and performances. The food festival is a paradise for foodies, offering a chance to taste local delicacies and street food that will leave you craving more. 

15 April 2024- Traditional Thai New Year ceremonies - Various temples in Phuket. 

The celebration culminates with traditional Thai New Year ceremonies in various temples across Phuket. These ceremonies are a time for reflection, prayer, and merit-making. They are a beautiful contrast to the high-energy water fights, offering a moment of peace and spiritual renewal.

Phuket town songkhran 2024

What is the best place in Phuket to celebrate Songkran 2024?

Navigating the bustling streets of Phuket during the Songkran festival can be quite challenging, especially with the increased traffic during these days. Not everyone can experience the full three-day event.

To give you the perfect vibe of Songkran, we are hosting a special event on April 13, 2024, at Sinae Phuket. The event will display the lively spirit and traditions of Songkran. It will take place in a single location, making it easy for everyone to enjoy the festival without having to navigate through the crowded streets.

Here's what we have planned for you at Sinae Phuket on April 13, 2024:

Morning (9 AM - 12 PM): Start your day with a serene water blessing ceremony with monks in Traditional Thai style. Then, dive into the fun with our exuberant water fight - a refreshing way to welcome new beginnings.

No charges

Afternoon (12:00 PM - 06:00 PM): Savor the flavours of Thailand with an array of Thai festive treats from various regions, available for your gastronomic delight. For a more curated dining experience, explore our a-la-carte menu at Sea Side featuring chef-selected specialities at our Sea Sai Bistro.

Charges as per the actual menu price 

Sinae songkhran 2024

Evening (6:00 PM onwards): As the sun sets, the Sai Bistro & Bar comes alive with live music and five back-to-back performances, showcasing the rich cultural tapestry of Thailand. Enjoy the energetic Sabad Chai drum performance, the traditional Thai dance with drums, the melodious Phong Lang on the xylophone, the captivating Bao Ta Khlon dance, and the Laos Kra Top Mai ( Bamboo dance), a dance celebrated in the northeastern regions. To top off the evening, a Thai buffet with delicacies from all over Thailand allows you to dine amidst these mesmerising live performances.

Price- 1,099 THB per pax, including buffet and all live performances. 

So, This Songkhran, Sinae invites you to experience the heart and soul of Thailand's most vibrant festival all in one day. On April 13, 2024, we're bringing the entire spectrum of Songkhran's joy, tradition, and cultural richness to you without the need to navigate Phuket's bustling streets or juggle a hectic schedule.


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